Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flash Frame by Frame Animation

Found out two great shortcuts for creating flash frame by frame animation:

1. When you begin, in the timeline, select a whole range of frames and right click, and select "Convert to Blank Keyframes"
2. Turn on Onion Skinning, of course.
3. As you draw each frame, just use the period key to move forward (and the comma key to go back to previous frame).

So much faster and easier!

Flash after 7 years...

I'm getting back into Flash after about 7 years. I find it inscrutable why, after all that time, the designers still don't want to show the keyboard shortcuts on the menu for inserting a KEYFRAME and a BLANK KEYFRAME.

F5 - Insert Frame
F6 - Insert Keyframe
F7 - Insert Blank Keyframe