Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Web.Config Pro-tips


            If you are deploying to a cloud environment that has multiple web server instances,

            you should change session state mode from "InProc" to "Custom". In addition,

            change the connection string named "DefaultConnection" to connect to an instance

            of SQL Server (including SQL Azure and SQL  Compact) instead of to SQL Server Express.



 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!-- For more information on using web.config transformation visit -->

<configuration xmlns:xdt="">


    In the example below, the "SetAttributes" transform will change the value of 

    "connectionString" to use "ReleaseSQLServer" only when the "Match" locator 

    finds an attribute "name" that has a value of "MyDB".



      <add name="MyDB" 

        connectionString="Data Source=ReleaseSQLServer;Initial Catalog=MyReleaseDB;Integrated Security=True" 

        xdt:Transform="SetAttributes" xdt:Locator="Match(name)"/>





      In the example below, the "Replace" transform will replace the entire 

      <customErrors> section of your web.config file.

      Note that because there is only one customErrors section under the 

      <system.web> node, there is no need to use the "xdt:Locator" attribute.


      <customErrors defaultRedirect="GenericError.htm"

        mode="RemoteOnly" xdt:Transform="Replace">

        <error statusCode="500" redirect="InternalError.htm"/>





Tuesday, November 16, 2021