Tuesday, August 26, 2014

IPv6 True or False

True or False:
IPv6 has more potential address spaces than there are atoms in the known universe.

Entity Framework uses the terms Relationship and Association...


Friday, August 1, 2014

Real Live Brogrammers

First, see Microsoft Gurus, or Lots of Scotts
(one of those guys created StackOverflow-Careers 2.0 which is dripping with Brogrammer-ness)

Then there are the WiBit fellas.

To some degree, the BoingBoing boys, Mark Frauenfelder and Cory Doctorow

Ed Finkler has written about career programmer burnout

Microsoft Gurus: Lots of Scotts

Who I look to for Microsoft info:

Scott Mitchell

Scott Hanselman
Wrox Author who eventually went to work for Microsoft, wife has cancer

Scott Guthrie
(aka ScottGu)
long employed by Microsoft

Joel Spolsky
(Stack Overflow after Joel on Programming)
Stopped actively blogging around 2011

(Jeff Atwood was Coding Horror prior to Stack Overflow)

Mark Russinovich,of Sysinternals
(for OS stuff)

Resource for IIS Immensely Digested and Practical

OrcsWeb, I think they hosted 4GuysFromRolla.com, which was the proving ground for Scott Mitchell, *the* go-to guy for all things ASP.
So I would trust their Knowledge Base a lot:

and their other blogs, for example:


Incidentally, on Scott Mitchell:

MVC for those used to just writing a simple local app and deploying it to your local IIS in order to test

I found the following comforting in validating my own experience:


"My question is rather simple.
Has anybody here successfully used the publish function of Visual Studio 2010 to publish a web app to a Windows 7 computer running the default IIS?
I have struggled for who knows how long to try to get this working and am starting to wonder if it is at all possible!?!?
To test I have done things right, I whacked a Server 2008 VM up and following some articles, and managed to get the deploy working rather easily on the 2008 server.
So is there any thing special I need to do on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine? or am I wasting my time because it is not possible?"
"Have a look at the blog post Test your ASP.NET MVC or WebForms Application on IIS 7 in 30 seconds, which provides all the steps to get a VS 2010 web app running on IIS on Windows 7. You'll need to open your Windows 7 Firewall to HTTP traffic to browse the app from another computer, but that's covered in the blog post."

Which takes you to: