Sunday, February 11, 2018

for NodeJS use Atom as your Text Editor

Just look at that syntax coloring!

And the shortcut to run Atom, if the install failed to create one, is:


Node.js: how to exit from the Node console

Node.js: how to exit from the Node console

How to exit from Node command line
So you loaded the Node console by typing node at the command line, played around with it and want to get back to your OS command line. Press CTRL+C (even on a Mac, especially on a Mac!), or just call the process.exit() method to exit from the Node console.
$ node
> 9+23
> process.exit()

Same thing if you started up a basic Node http listener routine from the command line.

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\nodeStuff>node myfirstt.js

There you go!