Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Database DE-normalization and Violating Simplicity Principles

Timothy Claason, at SQL Server Central, writes:

"Denormalization is not a design strategy. It is a design work-around. Well normalized databases represent a good design strategy, but can often lead to a great deal of complexity when it comes to support, maintenance, and new development. A well designed database can mean that, in order to get specific data you need, you need to go through 5, 10, or even more tables which represent the data you're looking for. Though there are many solutions to this dilemma,such as virtual tables (views), programmatic solutions, temporary tables, and more, I think it's important to not discount the value of well-placed denormalization in the database. The intent of this article is to consider some use cases for denormalization, and from those use cases, assert some generalizations about when and why to use denormalization."


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