Wednesday, November 30, 2011


When contemplating the motivation for doing away with the impedance created between an Object Oriented app and a Relational Database, and thus ultimately LINQ and Entity Framework, I would struggle to feel convinced (I'm equally comfortable writing T-SQL in Management Studio as I am writing VB and C# in Visual Studio).

If anything stood out in my mind as inconvenient, it would certainly be the tedious and redundant variable/field names when writing queries.  I was always adept at solving such problems with a good text editor at my side that could use vertical highlighting and Regular Expressions (such as Textpad), so this wasn't that big a deal.  But nonetheless, I found (and am still finding) the 2008 SQL Server Management Studio's Intellisense capabilities (FINALLY!!) to be amazingly helpful.  So helpful that, if I did have any desires to lower the impedance between a OOP architected app and an RDBMS, the 2008 tool would have satisfied it.

So, this is the irony.  The tool's improvements were released the SAME TIME as the company (Microsoft) was pushing LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework.

And this seems a bit absurd to me.

But wait, there's more...“LINQ to SQL is dead!”

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