Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reliving the Evolution of Visual Studio...

On a 64-bit Win7 laptop:
Year 1998. Starting with Visual Studio 6 (aka Visual Basic 6). Installed successfully.
Year 2002 Visual Studio .NET.  Refused to install on 64-bit machine.
Installed on my old laptop, a 32-bit XP Pro.
Flaky when tried installing from disc, so had to copy files locally to a folder named DVD1 (per some online advice).  Gives option to install MSDN Help.
Year 2003. Visual Studio .NET 2003.  Installed on 64-bit laptop.  MSDN NOT installed with main app!  Rather, it came with separate discs (3 CD's) to install separately.
Visio, though marketed as the distinguishing feature of this Enterprise Architect edition, was provided as a standalone disc and standalone installation.

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