Monday, October 13, 2014

Canvas (~HTML5)

Random Notes
As of December 2013, Flash Professional CC includes support of Canvas.....

2011 the worst year for Flash, but also Msft announced discontinued support for Silverlight in Win8's IE (later reversed?).

Adobe "outsourced" all Flash staff?

Canvas - 2D
WebGL - 3D

IE 9+ Canvas
IE11+ WebGL

Canvas originally sprung from OSX's Dashboard in 2004.

Turns out lots of things claiming to be HTML5 Canvas, are really just (or mostly) CSS3 w/ JavaScript...  false advertising.

(failed )
(fee)  (uses processing.js)  (great animation)
(comparison  )
Cut the Rope ported to Canvas (look past all the downloads)

Image Manipulation
(about it:  )
Diagrams (UC...)
Good example (view code)

Liquid Canvas:
Demo, reminds me of Misos

Photoshop-like Layers for ? CSS or Canvas?

HTML5 Game Engine(s)

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