Thursday, August 6, 2015

Visual Studio Publish - log

I have several publishing profiles for a project.  I also have several endpoints I use to publish to, for testing purposes.

After a while, I really needed to know when a version had been published.  A Google search told me that it was either enormously complicated to create any kind of publishing log or just impossible.  In either case, there was NOTHING BUILT IN TO VISUAL STUDIO OR IIS THAT GAVE YOU THIS INFORMATION.  Which is INSANE.

Well, turns out, that information does exist. At least, the time it was last published.

You can find it in your project.  Under the project "Properties", then "Publish Profiles".  You need "Show All Files" selected.  Then after each .pubxml files (for each Publish Profile), there is a .pubxml.user file.  After each file being deployed, it has:


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