Monday, November 7, 2016

Agile cheatsheet

One way to accomplish Agile goals is via the use of Scrum.... the Scrum PROCESS or method.

Scrum process has:
2-4 week SPRINTS
product BACKLOG, User Stories.


Another way to accomplish Agile goals is via XP (Extreme Programming).

Good user stories have VERTICAL SLICES through the product.

Kanban (Japanese for billboard)(taskboard in XP)

yellow stickes showing status of each backlog item (Currently working on, Currently in QA, Done)

Burndown Chart: shows how the sprint is progressing, actual vs. plan.  Quantitative to Kanban's qualitative.

Pigs and Chickens.

Sprint Planning
Planning Poker (read user stories, give time estimates ....write down secretly, then share....)

Continuous integration
Coding standards,
Pair Programming,

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